Our Social Contribution Toward Socity

Innoexcel’s social contribution initiatives aim to help build a healthy, spiritually rich society. The five priority areas are education of the next generation, study and research, environmental conservation, community service, and culture and arts.Innoexcel takes a proactive approach to these initiatives, seeking to communicate with various stakeholders in order to determine how it can be most helpful as a good corporate citizen. In this process, Innoexcel seeks to make innovative social contributions, leveraging its unique expertise and management resources as well as the broad range of knowledge and experience possessed by its employees.

Environmental Conservation

Innoexcel  has been participating in tree planting events for eight years with the aim of mutual harmony and benefit between the global environment and the local community. In March 2013, 20 employees participated in the tree planting event, which was co-sponsored by our company. The event helped the company build even better relationships with community residents and heightened solidarity among employees.

Study and Research

Innoexcel was established a Foundation named Science Promotion Foundation.The Foundation provides research grants with the principle objective of fostering pioneering and creative research in the early stages by young researchers who are persevering with challenging research on limited funding. This is based on the philosophy that advanced R&D should be promoted in various fields.

Innoexcel Education Scholarship Foundation

Through the establishment of the scholarship foundation,Innoexcel aims to support the long-term development of universities, which have a key role as institutions for the development of human resources. Looking to the future, Innoexcel  will provide support for scholarship across a diverse array of subject areas including languages, international finance and trade, international business administration, the mass media, law, and international education as it contributes to the development and revitalization of academic research.

Raising up the next generation

Innoexcel’s business itself provides a diverse array of products used in educational settings, such as calculators and electronic dictionaries. In 2007, hoping to make a broader and more profound contribution to education, Innoexcel started an original educational program, primarily for elementary school students, which includes school visits and classes offered .

Culture and the arts

By sponsoring symphony orchestras and cultural facilities, Innoexcel provides people with opportunities to feel delight and deep emotion and promotes the development of culture and the arts.

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