Innoexcel Support for Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing platform. Main purpose of Microsoft Azure is for clients to run their own solutions in Microsoft's globally distributed datacenters. Clients are billed monthly based on usage.

Innoexcel  for Microsoft Azure helps businesses maximize uptime, reduce cost and complexity, and accelerate cloud implementation through enhanced technical support, Microsoft Azure specialized expertise, and proactive services to address the needs of organizations running infrastructure and applications in the Cloud.

Innoexcel is committed to Microsoft's vision for Cloud Computing. As software developers, we see Microsoft Azure as a significant opportunity to help customers more effectively consume computing resources and manage the spike in demand we see with so many business systems.

Our approach


Your cloud solution can scale rapidly and limitlessly according to your changing needs. It can also be integrated to your local applications or data warehouses.Microsoft Azure -development can be accomplished with Microsoft tools and languages known by tens of thousands of developers, as well as with other well known or modern programming languages like PHP, Java or Node.js.

Maximize Uptime:  Innoexcel for Microsoft Azure helps ensure availability of cloud services through proactive (preventative) and reactive support services. Your designated resource will work to specify preventative services that assess scalability and configuration issues to avoid unnecessary downtime. Reactive support focuses on restoration of services. Reactive support options include designated Microsoft Azure support resources and enhanced response time.

Reduce Costs:  Innoexcel for Microsoft Azure service delivery team offers periodic reviews of your cloud implementation and provides usage, architecture, and design recommendations to maximize your investment. Our team of experts leverage proven tools, workshops, and assessments to focus on reducing your development and operational costs in the cloud.

Accelerate Cloud Implementation: Shorten development cycles, reduce deployment risk and accelerate your cloud implementation through readiness services, migration workshops, and code reviews. Fully customized services and a catalog of Microsoft Azure workshops and assessments are available.

Azure Services Platform

    The four Azure Services Platform components—Windows Azure, .NET Services, SQL Services, and Live Services—offer these rich technical capabilities:
  • Windows Azure provides

  • DOTNET Services

  • SQL Services

  • Live Services  

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